Lonely Planets Ultimate Eatlist

The follow up to Lonely Planet's Ultimate Travelsit features the world's top 500 food experiences - all ranked. The planet's top chefs, food writers and our food-obsessed authors were asked to name their favourite, most authentic gastronomic encounters and the result is a journey to Mozambique for piri-piri chicken, Japan for bullet train bento boxes, San Sebastian pintxos bars, and a further 497 of the most exciting eateries anywhere on Earth. It looks at the culture behind each one, what makes it so special, and why the experience is so much more than what's in the plate, bowl or glass in front of you, making it must-own bucket list for foodies and those who love to travel !
  • Author: Lonely Planet
  • Pages: 304
 SIZE 27.6 x 23.6cm

Collections: Books, FOR YOU

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